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NYPTI provides CrimeTime Online (CrimeTime) for educational purposes only.
CrimeTime should not be used as a substitute for independent legal research, and is not legal advice.

About CrimeTime Online

George Dentes
CrimeTime Online is dedicated to the memory of George M. Dentes (1954-2006).

George M. Dentes, a native of Ithaca, New York, originally created CrimeTime in 1996. George received his undergraduate and law degrees from Cornell University. George served as an Assistant District Attorney in the New York County District Attorney’s Office before returning to his hometown where he was elected Tompkins County District Attorney in 1989. George served as DA for sixteen years, during which time he won the respect and admiration of his colleagues across New York State for his keen legal mind, his tenacity as an advocate, and his fundamental decency in discharging his duties as a public prosecutor. In January 2006, George joined the staff of NYPTI, and he brought to the organization his great talent and engaging personality. George’s sudden and untimely passing in the fall of 2006 caused the future of CrimeTime to be in a state of uncertainty. In 2007 George’s widow, Elsie Dentes, and the estate of George Dentes gave CrimeTime to NYPTI so we could continue George’s passion for a program used by attorneys across New York State.

Brief History CrimeTime

The 1996, 1997, and 1998 versions were DOS-based programs. The 1999-2006 versions were native 32-bit application, meaning it required Windows 95 or later (Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows XP, etc.). With the evolution of competing computer systems, NYPTI updated the programming behind CrimeTime and converted it to a web-based application in 2008.

Version Information

With the exception of 2007, CrimeTime has been updated annually since it was first released in 1996. Because crimes and sentencing provisions may change from year to year, you should be sure that you are using the version of CrimeTime that matches the year when the crime was committed. The stand alone install versions of CrimeTime are no longer current and will not be updated in the future. Any future updates will appear on the web based version. For crimes before 1996, try the 1996 version (which includes some references to pre-1996 sentencing options), but finding a copy may be difficult.

There are No Warranties:

CrimeTime carries no express or implied warranties of fitness, merchantability, or anything else. Use it at your own risk.

CrimeTime Copyright © 1996-2018 George Dentes; CrimeTime Online Copyright © 2018 by George Dentes & New York Prosecutors Training Institute, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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